• William Ross

How Recs Should Be

Anytime I travel to a new city, I often text people who have lived there for restaurant and site-seeing recommendations. Sure, I browse for restaurants on the internet, but I find that the places I actually visit are those suggested by a friend. The extra dose of trust goes a long way when you’re in a new place (especially if there’s a language barrier or if you’re pressed for time).

Beyond restaurants, I see friends recommending their favorite TV shows, music artists, books, songs, hotels, and podcasts across their social media. The trouble here is that it’s difficult for me to trace back good recs. What am I supposed to do? Screenshot every story with a good rec?

Todd and I started doing just that. We were interested to study how people recommend content - even on platforms that aren’t designed for reviews. So far, we’ve screenshotted a few hundred awesome recommendations - all of which would be lost today if we hadn’t captured them.

Try to think of 3-5 unique artists from all your friends’ Spotify Wrapped posts this past December. Pretty tough, right?

At Reckit, we’re building a place where recommendation sharing is not only fun for the sharer but also actionable and memorable for the viewer. And when the viewer follows through with something you recommend, they say thank you. That’s practical. That’s fun. That’s how recs should be.

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