• William Ross

An Ode to Our "Rough MVP"

Behold, behold! How it all started. The elusive "Rough MVP," which taught us not to build another Yelp but rather led us to build a new form of social media. Behold the place where unnamed characters were character assassinated by other people - who shall not be named - in ways that revealed to us that recommendations aren't merely recs, they're a reflection of the recommender's personality.

Seriously, we owe it to all of our friends who generously gave us their recs so we could build this Wix page. Best $20 ever spent.

PS: Use dynamic pages instead of copy-pasting. We learned the hard way.

Thank you:

- Tate

- Kenny

- Daniel

- James

- Michell

- Eily

- Alle

- Kendall

- Kappy

- Melissa

- Sam

- Dawson

- Zack

- Morgan

- Alaina

- Graham

- Asim

- Kappy

- Darsh

- Chas

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